Downtown Voices is thrilled to announce its first media partnership.

We’re teaming up with The Boy Lynx, a recently-launched, woman-led Timberwolves podcast, for coverage on the team throughout the 2023-2024 NBA season.

Anna Knutson and Anji Nyquist offer a fresh take on the male-dominated sport and fanbase.

Both of them are die-hard T-Wolves fans, of course.

Anna grew up in Southern California, so she (admittedly) was a Kobe and Shaq-era Lakers fan before she met her now-husband in college and he set her straight. They have two puggles, Kevin Garnett and Karl-Anthony Towns, in honor of two of their favorite Timberwolves players.

Anji is a season ticket holder who attends nearly every game at Target Center, including every home opener in the past 11 years. She named her cat after Timberwolves center Naz Reid. When she appeared on Jeopardy! earlier this year, that fact served as her introduction on her second day.  Needless to say, the clip went viral on Twitter.

Anna and Anji met through the Timberwolves community on Twitter and eventually became friends in real life, too.

This summer, the duo decided to start a podcast to level up the community and credibility of female fans, particularly fellow women of color.

“We have a different voice that we’re bringing to the Timberwolves podcast sphere,” Anna said.

Anna and Anji want to help build a more engaging, dynamic Wolves community and create space for women to talk about sports. They’re also out to prove there’s a staunch female fanbase that knows and loves basketball on their own accord.

“There’s a different fandom out there that I don’t think people realize,” Anji said.

Anna agrees. “People look at women engaging in sports in a really myopic way,” she said. 

But they’re out to change the boring narrative of female fans only being in it for the hot athletes or simply falling in line with their male partners’ allegiances.

Anna describes The Boy Lynx as a very culture-forward Timberwolves podcast that breaks down what happens during games but isn’t a play-by-play. You can expect her and Anji – and sometimes a special guest – to discuss the team and the league, as well as game-day fashion.

The Boy Lynx puts out a new, roughly 35- to 45-minute episode every Friday morning. They're available on all streaming platforms.

Anna and Anji just released their ninth episode, which kicks off with them discussing Anji’s trip to Target Center’s fan tunnel and Anna’s first time sitting courtside. 

You can find all of The Boy Lynx’s episodes and social accounts here. You'll also seen Anna and Anji in videos posted to Downtown Voices' Instagram and Twitter accounts.

If you’re not already a Timberwolves fan, Anna and Anji truly believe this is the year to do it. Wolves back!