A musically-inclined Reiki master recently opened a sound bath studio in the Warehouse District.

Laiken Strobush signed a lease for a small ground-floor retail space in the historic Kickernick Building, then she drove across the country to buy a set of singing bowls from Sedona Crystal Temple in Arizona.

“I just wanted to drive down there and hear them in person,” she told Downtown Voices.

Strobush outfitted the space that’s now home to Ethereal Sound Bath with padded mats, pillows, and blankets and started leading sessions there in April. While she figures out a more set schedule, she’s posting $40 tickets for weekly hour-long sound baths on Eventbrite. Updates will also be shared on Ethereal Sound Bath’s Instagram.

“I'm just gonna do a slow open as people hear about it,” Strobush said.

Sound baths are an immersive, meditative experience that uses therapeutic sound waves to promote relaxation, healing, and mindfulness. Strobush wants to help make sound baths a more mainstream practice, like yoga.

“The resonation of the frequencies of the different bowls targets different chakras and different parts of your soul, body, and mind,” she said. “It kind of cleanses everything.” 

Ethereal Sound Bath is located at 430 N. First Ave. next to the former Hark! Cafe, which closed over the weekend, as the business transitions to catering only.