Doors Open Minneapolis returns May 18 and 19 with more than 100 participating venues across the city.

The free event is an opportunity to explore venues with historical, architectural, or cultural significance and to experience behind-the-scenes tours, demonstrations, and kids' activities at some of the most iconic and exclusive places in Minneapolis.

Here are five participating downtown venues that are normally closed to the public but will be open during Doors Open Minneapolis:

1. Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis – Ever wonder what $4.6 million in cash looks like? While you’re here, have a seat on $1.7 million in shredded money, discover where the money in your wallet comes from and how it gets to you, uncover the security features on your bills, and more.

2. Manhole & CCTV Inspection – Do you know where the water from your toilets and sinks goes? The City of Minneapolis will open a sewer manhole and set up a closed-circuit televising truck so you can see the inside of the sewer system and learn all about it.

3. Minneapolis Club – Take a tour of the Minneapolis Club’s beautiful, historic Clubhouse in the heart of downtown, which is over 116 years old. It was originally founded by Minneapolis businessmen with the aim of providing a social and business space for people to meet and work together. 

4. Star Tribune Printing Facility – Explore the Star Tribune’s 500,000 square foot printing facility and learn how the 156-year-old newspaper is produced and distributed.

5. Windows at Marquette (Top Floor of IDS Center) – See Minneapolis from the top of the tallest building in the city! Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and 360-degree Minneapolis views, you won’t want to miss this rare and unique perspective.

See the list of over 100 participating venues, free transit and parking options, and local event discounts at Doors Open takes place on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.